Two Years, Two Cute Daughters

So here is my little Olive Elizabeth, born March 17 2010.

Too cute for words.  Now she’s a little bigger.

Here they all are at Halloween.  I wish I had some photos from Christmas but we weren’t able to get any.

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Super Catch up

 So here are the pictures from getting snowed in at Uncle Doug’s over Christmas I was going to post forever ago.





Grandpa Gale and Lottie.


Aunt Cheryl and Lottie.


Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa Saunders.


Lottie learning to drink out of can.  Luckily it’s not open.


Dale’s 35th Birthday Party!  Lottie is all dressed  up cute!  Here’s Dale reading the card she made him.


Helping him unwrap presents.



Dale’s cake(s).  Haggens make these really good looking cupcakes we had to try.


Lottie enjoying her cupcake the next day.  This is not the extent of the mess.  It was all over head, the back of the highchair, and more all over her and the tray.  I think it’s safe to say we’re going to have a good time at her first birthday!


Definitely a Hershey’s fan.


She’s got some growing to do before she fits into Papa’s hat.


What kid pictures are complete without the baby’s in a bathtub picture.  Here’s Lottie and her cousin Ahnna.


Out family picture from Thanksgiving.  I like this one, it makes me laugh.


This is my side of the family at Thanksgiving ’08.  My parents and their six children, three sons-in-law, one daughter-in-law, three grandsons, five granddaughters, and one more grandson on the way (even though at this point she was just suspecting that she was pregnant again).


My sister Wendy and her family came to visit my Grandma Gloria a couple weeks ago since she isn’t doing the best.  Here are Lottie, Ahnna and their great grandma Gloria.


Dale, Lottie, Nate and Ahnna at my Grandma’s.



Dale and Lottie checking out the pond.


Lottie outside playing a few weeks ago while papa worked on the lawn.  This is going to be harder now that she’s crawling.


We saw this piano at Deseret Industries for only $8 so we had to get it.  She LOVES it.


Whew, tough day, tough day.

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Bonita has been found!

Yeah, so we found Bonita. She’s been sitting on a shelf at the Lake Stevens post office for the last week. Nobody knows why the courier hasn’t tried delivering her. I’m going to try to get home early enough today to go pick her up but it may have to wait until tomorrow. With any luck the courier may actually try to deliver her today. 🙂

Do you have any idea how weird it is when the post office is looking for a package and they ask you what the contents are and you have to tell them it’s your mother-in-law?

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A Bunch of Stuff

Whew, things have been busy.

We went to Lewiston for the holidays and got snowed in at Uncle Doug’s place for three days. My pictures of that are on my other camera so I’ll upload them later. It was fun though, we got to play cards and hang out.

As most people know, our experience withBonita once we came back was a little crazy. Here’s how it went. We came back a few days later then expected so she was here from Tuesday till Sunday by herself. In the past that hasn’t been a problem at all since she can do most things herself and the word we were getting from her and everyone else was that she was doing great. Well, she wasn’t doing great. Dale has always said how frustrated he gets with how his family never tells him when someone is doing poor because they don’t want him to worry and boy, did we get a full dose of that. We heard she went in for one hydration in Lewistonand that she was doing good but when we came back Sunday night she looked like a walking mummy. I didn’t know you could be that thin and still be breathing. And mentally she wasn’t all there either. She was getting really confused when it came to trying to tell us something. She would mean one thing but say something completely different. After a day with her we took her to the hospital because it was obvious something was not right.

It turns out that while she was in Lewiston she stopped hydrating and eating like she should. She told us it was because she was running out of supplements but she could have purchased more in a reasonable amount of time. Honestly, what I think happened was that she was tired of fighting so when she went on vacation it was like taking a vacation from being sick as well did want to have to worry about making sure she did what she had to. I can understand that. It’s a hard thing to go through. We believe she was also fighting eating disorders that she had delt withfor years. From day one with us we had to try and get through to her that she had to eat enough or she was going to starve to death regardless of what the cancer was doing. She told us that it wasn’t true. If her body told her she was full then it was getting plenty of nutrition. This was while she was consuming less than 300 calories per day. It was a tough go.

While in Lewiston there were times that they didn’t think was going to make it. They actually had pretty much given up on her in the hospital and didn’t think doing anything for her was going to do any good. There’s St Joes for you. They actually asked her sisters if they should do any blood work rather than having the doctor make the decision. Hmmm. . .

Tuesday morning we took Bonita to the hospital because of her confusion. They were jam packed busy with people in bed in the hallways. They took one look at her and had her in her own room within ten minutes. She was really out of it. They were able to help her though. They re hydrated her and got her ammonia levels down to help with the confusion but she was still a little confused. She gained eight pounds just from being re hydrated.

After a few days of observation her doctor and her discussed her situation. Since she had not had chemo for about two months the cancer and gone wild. The chemo before was helping but not very fast. It was more keeping the cancer from growing any more than anything else. So when she didn’t have chemo for a couple months the cancer had gone wild which also caused a lot of the muscle loss. Notice I say muscle and not weight. Her weight was about the same since before she left. When consulting with the doctors on this they believed it was because the tumor had grown and the weight of that was offsetting the muscle loss. Her doctor and her decided that the only chance she had was to go back on chemo right away to try and stop the tumors.

Saturday she had her chemo session. Dale and I were, as usual, completely broke so we couldn’t afford the gas to go down there but she usually does pretty good after a chemo so we didn’t worry about it too much. When we hadn’t heard from her by Sunday we called down to the hospital to figure out how she was doing since it was unusual for her not to contact us. It turned out the the chemo had completely wiped her out. Mentally she really wasn’t there at all. She would have a moment or two where she knew what was going on but for the most part she kept trying to leave and would forget she was plugged into things. They had someone in her room 24/7 to keep an eye on her. Monday morning I had to take off work because they told us that they were sending her home since there wasn’t anything else they could do for her. So I raced home and we rearranged the house with Bonita’s bedroom downstairs in the living room so we could watch her.

The next day hospice came, took one look at her, and told us that from their experience she only had a few days left. The nurse said that the unexplained confusion was one of the signs that she was going into what they call “active death” meaning the body is shutting down. It’s because of this that I think she had actually entered active death before we took her to the hospital. The doctor’s at the hospital said they were stumped as to why she was so confused since her ammonia levels were back to pretty normal.

Over the next few days I tried to work a little but for the most part we stayed with her and tried to contact everyone. They did an emergency phone call for her son, Jeramy, to be able to call her from the Florida State Penitentiary, and he luckily got her at a good, fairly lucid moment. Dante called often and was able to talk to her for a bit.

Finally, at 12:54 am Saturday the 17th she passed away.

Dale has done good. He’s seems to handle it fairly well although we are both wondering how well he is actually doing since he’s had some bad points. We’ll probably talk to some experts to make sure he’s doing okay.

That last week was so weird. I really wish they had let us know she wasn’t doing so well while she was out there. We would have been a lot more prepared. To just be thrown into it like that was crazy. One of the problems I had a lot with Bonita when she was here was the honesty. She was a good person, but she would tell me what I wanted to hear and not the truth a lot the time. It was so frustrating and the whole not doing well out there was right along the same lines. Oh well.

Oh, yes. A little bit of a funny thing it you want to look at it that way. She seems to be lost in the mail right now (she was cremated). She checked in at the Marysville post office last Wednesday but nobody knows where she is right now. I’m waiting for a call back from the post office. They said they don’t have any registered packages they are sitting on so he’s looking at the log book.

Anyway, the memorial was this weekend. It was nice. It was really great to see all of that side of the family. I have to say its really weird how you get married and are suddenly part of this big family. I’m having a hard time getting used to it. I’m so shy that it’s weird. I’m trying to get comfortable and I will its just going to take quite a few years, I’m sure, until it becomes natural.

I swear all of the health things don’t stop here. After all this with Bonita, my mom is having heart issues that seem to be getting worse, and will most likely kill her in the next couple years, my grandmother has taken a turn for the worse and may pass away fairly soon, a co-worker has come down with an aneurysm that is luckily small and treatable but still dangerous, Dale’s dad hasn’t been doing good for years. Holy, cow. Does it ever stop, or at least ease up?

On the plus side. We have the cutest baby ever. She got to see her cousins. My sister is having another little boy in June. Isaac Nathan Spinelli. We got to see a lot of family recently. Life overall is good. We just keep plugging along.

Here are some cute pictures.


Eight Months old Photo.  (date stamp is wrong on the photos).


I love her in overalls!


Lottie and her cousin Owen at the memorial.  Owen is three months younger than her and they are both about the same size.  She just wants to grab him.


Yeah, dishes.  Our dishwasher has been broken for awhile.  I hate dishes.

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Winter Wonderland


The woods behind our house.  Pretty.

So, it has snowed here.  A lot.  Seattle has been basically shut down.  I know the other day the radio said that they metro system had all stopped.  They were all parked on the side of the road blocking any traffic trying to get through.  People I know who ride the bus have said that when they are running they are so full that they just drive by because they can’t pick up anymore people. 

I didn’t work a whole lot this week because of it.

So here’s what’s been happening this week.

Sunday.  Tree decorating and gingerbread houses.


Monday – Birthday!  It was icy enough out they had roads closed so I stayed home and relaxed.  It was really nice.

Tuesday – work

Wednesday – Snowman making




Ever seen A Christmas Story?  I’m that mom.


Too cute.

So we rented some movies this week.  X-Files 2 and Get Smart.

X-Files 2 sucked.  It was basically a horror/thriller with a little X-Files only having to do with a psychic.  I don’t like horror so I really didn’t like this.  Get Smart, very funny, I recommend it.

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Laughing little Lottie

Here’s some videos I’ve been meaning to post but was having a hard time figuring out how to do it. 

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Six Months Old!!

Favorite Color:  Blue

Favorite song:  Itsy Bitsy Spider

Favorite video:  Hampster Dance

Length: 24.5″

Weight:  14 lbs 10.5 oz

Motor Skills:  rolls from front to back, grabs at everything, can play with toys, can stick her binky in her mouth

Favorite Book:  Tails

Favorite Food:  Cinnamon Candy Cane


Six Month Photo


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We had fun eating a visiting at Thanksgiving in Bellingham this year at my Bro’s house.  Very cool.  We found that Lottie loves pumpkin pie and whip cream.


This is Lottie in a dress that her Aunt Wendy bought for all three girls.  We have some cute pictures of them that I still have to get from my sister-in-law.


Checking out the morning Specials.


We didn’t get a whole lot of pictures this year.  Too bad!

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We’ve created a monstor

So I couldn’t resist letting Lottie try some of our favorite junk foods last weekend.  I found she loves sucking on Cheetos (that’s my girl) and really likes chocolate as well. 


In the past she has always stared very intently at what we are eating.  Since she tried sweets she now grabs at everything we eat.  Last night I let her try a candy cane and she couldn’t get enough.

By the way, she now is about 24″ and 14.5 pounds according to our home scale.

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Halloween Encore


So every year since college I try to carve a pumpkin for Halloween.  Dale can attest to this.  Usually I end up not getting a pumpkin at all but on the years that I do it usually doesn’t get carved, ends up rotting and we eventually throw it away.  This year I was determined.  We bought the pumpkin a few weeks before but once again Halloween came and went and the pumpkin was left uncarved.  Not this year!  I am taking a stand and saying no to uncarved pumpkins.  Why is it we have to succumb to Halloween’s time frame.  This year I decided to make Halloween conform to our schedule and the following Friday we dressed lottie up in her kitty outfit that grandma Laura made her and set to work on our Jack-O-Lantern.  I held Lottie and supervised Dale’s work.  (isn’t that how its suppose to work?)




I don’t think the spoon survived.


Lottie wasn’t sure what to do with the guts.


I drew the face and Dale set to work carving.


Welcome to our family Jack!

Now, where are those trick-or-treaters??

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